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Maruti Suzuki India’s mid-size sedan #Ciaz entered the list after three months at tenth position with growth of 20 percent. The car sold 6,530 units in January 2017 as against 5,431 units during same month last year.
Launched in October 2014, Ciaz is the first car to offer #SmartPlay touch-screen infotainment system. It is also the first car with smart hybrid technology #SHVS in the country.
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Tips To Protect Tips to Protect Your Car in Winter

 Check Tires

Damaged tires are no match for sleek, slippery roads. Get tires winter-ready by examining for thin or uneven tread wear, which reduces traction and can be very dangerous in winter weather. Cut or damaged sidewalls are also weak areas that can collapse under severe weather conditions. Remember to check the air pressure before and during winter months to ensure the best traction and mileage. Once your tires are in good shape, apply tire cleaner and coating. Tire Coat to help repel winter elements for months.


Wax On, Winter Off

Winter weather can dull your car’s paint and shine, making it susceptible to rust and oxidation. To keep your vehicle clean and protected all winter long make sure to thoroughly wax your car before the cold weather hits.  Concentrate on the lower parts of your car such as behind the wheels, quarter panels, and front grille where ice, snow and salt hit hard and stay the longest.


Check Fluids

Maintaining proper fluid levels is critical to keeping your car working properly during the winter. A common mistake is forgetting to replace or top-off summer windshield wiper fluid with a winter blend that will not freeze when the temperature drops. Check your antifreeze and oil levels to prevent internal damage to your car, and keep your gas tank at least halfway full to help prevent gas line freeze. Winter prep should also include an oil change. Make sure you’re not stranded in the cold with a car that won’t start. Use Oil as an engine and fuel additive to promote better cold weather starting.


Care for Your Interior

Winter elements can also cause damage to the inside of your car.  When tracked-in mud, slush and snow enter your car, prevent it from staining your interior and keep your floor mats clean. Also, be sure to remove any water-based products in containers that can freeze and crack, as well as any unnecessary items that can weigh down your car and lower fuel efficiency.


We Care Your Car

We at #GarageCloud Offers a Winter Service at Low Price with many Offers in it. We also Include Oil Change and Insurance Renewal Along with the Services so that we can Completely Take Care of your car. We are Best Car Service in Chennai attached with Multi Brand Garages in Chennai. GarageCloud has Best Mechanic in Chennai to Care your car.